• Safety Net protects children from falling out

    Welcome to Kidpro!

    Our safety solution helps protect children from an accidental fall.

  • Child protection for windows and balconies

    Modern netting solution provides safety anywhere where heights may present a danger.

  • Inovative solution for children safety at home

    Safety and a sense of freedom for children and a peace of mind for you.


Modern production technology, weaving, and installing methods ensure high resistance and durability of the nets.


A high-quality product provides safety without blocking the view and allows you to enjoy high-floor open spaces stress free.


Our unobtrusive nets easily blend in and adapt to any exterior and will not disrupt the look of the building.

Who It Is For

Childproof your balcony with Safety Net.

Kidpro protective nets are designed to protect children and adults from accidental falls from windows, balconies or terraces. It can also be used on staircases, fences and railing and galleries.

Kidpro protective nets will provide you with a peace of mind because your child will be safe even when windows and balcony doors are wide open.

Why choose Kidpro?

  •  TÜV Rheinland certificate
  •  High tensile strength
  •  High quality production
  •  Reliable system
  •  Optimal mesh tension
  •  High quality materials
  •  Patented system
  •  Maintenance free
  •  Simple to install
  •  Natural ventilation
  •  Passage in case of emergency
  •  Particual method of weaving
  •  Very thin mesh
  •  Almost invisible
  •  Modern design
  •  No sharp edges